5 Most Famous Category in Photography

Sometime you ask yourself, what kind of photo that I want to make. Maybe I want to shot a this beautiful earth, or I want to shot a beautiful people, or maybe I want to create something beautiful and shot beautiful out of it. For people who start photography, they probably gonna try all of it. But if you want to be pro, it’s better you specialize in a or two categories of photography

The choice you make will determine your future. Here are 5 categories of photography.

1. Wedding photography

wedding photography

I think this is one of the categories that you can’t do the moment you touch your first camera. You need a lot of experience in photography including, lighting, model, and your technique. It not just your photography skill that important, but including your soft skill, like communication.

Behind the scene

Hey, don’t worry!! Sooner or later we’ll have the experience and the interest to do so. This is one of the most sought-after services as long as love still exist. It also one of the most profitable business in photography world.

2. Landscape Photography

landscape photography

You love earth, you’ll love this. Taking the shot of land. This category is one of the most photographer do. Not only that, you can do it everywhere.


This is most passion needed photography categories. You can start directly the moment you start photography. And in time you can create an amazing landscape image.

3. Street photography

Street photography

Street + Camera = Street photography

For me personally this is one of the most easiest photography category. All you need to do walk around the street, your neighbor, or the city, then look around and took a picture of it. Mostly you must have a great reflexes to took your shot because there will be no second choice.


The problem is after you go back home. You look at your your camera, then realize that most of the pic are horrible (speaking from experience), only a bit of them can turn into a great photograph. But you can found it fun to took picture of people on their daily life.

4. Macro Photography

Macro Photography

It small and at the same time is big. This is category turn a small thing that can’t be look at the naked into a big. Just look at this kind of picture, you can look at the world you never see before. How much fun it is.


5. Still Life photography

still life photography

Still life photography I think is one of the hardest categories in photography. Not just the preparation that hard it also need creativity out of it. Unlike wedding photography, your model are fruit and inanimate model, such as glass or dish.

But hey!! We all love challenge. And there also never been the word impossible in photography, right ?!

That all the 5 famous photography categories. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, the important thing is to enjoying it.

You love it, You do it

Thank you for reading 🙂


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