Rule of The Third

How do we make a photo interesting?

This probably most asked question. We do our best to make the word “WOW” that came out from the people who see our photo. But then your picture are still look boring no matter you see it.

When I see this photos above. The word “WOW” not come out from my mouth. And you gonna ask, why is this? Well there is simple way to fix this though. All we need is a little perspective and positioning.

All picture will have a main attraction that draw us to it. In this case we call it a subject.This subject can be people, rock, leaf, clock, or anything. When there are subject in a photo, we must make the first thing they see in that photo is the subject. Now how to do it.

All you need to do is a little positioning of the subject in frame

Rule of Third

This simple rule of third tell us where the best we positioning our subject. When you obey this rule, you can the best out of your picture. The Idea of this rule is to put your subject in one, two, or all intersection of the grid.

On the picture above the subject (cow and farmer) are put on the lower left of the intersection. This kind of picture is obeying the rule of third.

Some picture who use the rule of third

Now you see and know the rule of third, look at this picture below

Which one that look better? left or right.


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